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Your Stories


Alyse Q. | Roswell, Georgia

Seizures ripped through my world when I was 18, in my first month of college. From doctor to doctor, I was first misdiagnosed with epilepsy. I was diagnosed with PNES...

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Tiara J. | Des Moines, Iowa

I had my first seizure in September of 2015 and was fortunate enough to get diagnosed in November of the same year. The diagnosis and explanation of it was about...

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Jamie R. | Boulder, CO

After a traumatic brain injury I started having seizures. Once the grand mal seizures stopped, due to medication, I was continuing to have activity I couldn’t explain. My symptoms terrified...

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Carolyn G. | Denver, CO

I lived a life with minimal health issues until I had a seizure at work one afternoon.  I didn’t know it was a seizure until I headed to the emergency room...

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