FNDcourage - Regulating Your Nervous System One Step at a Time.

Serenah M. | Boulder, CO

Before I met Dr. Moenter, I had seizures multiple times a day for six months. I don’t remember those months very well, but what I do remember is being worried and embarrassed. I couldn’t go to class alone; my aunts and uncles were nervous to leave me alone with their kids. Everyone was looking at me like I was going to break all the time. My boyfriend wouldn’t even leave me alone in the shower (for good reason); my life was melting away. I didn’t understand why my body was doing this.

I knew from a Neurologist I saw in the ER they weren’t normal seizures. They weren’t seen on an EEG, so I couldn’t understand how they were real. I couldn’t see how it was ever going to get better, if they aren’t “normal seizures” and I can’t get medication, how can I get better? It was my second year in college and I hadn’t fully finished a semester yet due to stress, and now, I didn’t believe I was ever going got be able to.

Once I met Dr. Moenter she explained to me what they were. What I remember from our first meeting is her getting in my bubble of personal space. I was about to have a seizure and she distracted me so I didn’t. That moment I realized that these were something I was actually going to fix. It didn’t take too long for the seizures to start to diminish.

I meet with her now at least once a week. I finally made it through a semester of college. I realized they stemmed from something deeper, and she has been helping me work through things I have been hanging on to a long time. It has been a few months now since the last time I have had a seizure, and I have noticed more and more changes every day.

Dr. Moenter is easy to talk to. She has a way of calming me down, and stop these long stories of “what ifs” that play in my head. She makes me laugh, and helps me see things for what they are. I have a hard time pulling real issues away from small problems. Dr. Moenter has a way to communicate these things with me. She knows when to tell me things straight up, or quiet my thoughts till I get there.

Serenah M.

Boulder, CO